“The Brows On Fleek” Moment – Brow Wax at Benefit

Intro (since it’s an adventurous journey, for me):

And finally the long wait is over. After a long and battling time to go or not to go there, so here’s my review for a Brow Wax at Benefit -crossfinger- yeaayyy!

I started wondering how i will looked like if i have a beauty brows (since my eyebrows is very thin and growing almost everywhere as they want to grow). It’s not that i hate my eyebrows, but i just wondering the moment that every woman has been battling that they will not leave their houses if their brows isn’t on fleek. So after more than a year i’m planning to have a brow wax at Benefit, i asked my friend – Pritha to visit Benefit and try their brow wax. And without any doubts, she’s willing to go with me. Wohoo! (And it’s a long story that i don’t wanna share or even wanna talked in any of my posts, why me and Pritha reunited again after 4 years being apart and not contacting with each others).

Friday, 8th July 2016

We begin our journey to Benefit store in Plaza Indonesia by using public transport (Yeay, i love to learn to be a Korean -that they always use public transportation in every korean drama, right?-). I started my trip using commuter line from the nearest station in my place – Tangerang Station and Pritha will joined me from the next three stations – Poris Station. It took about 30 minutes and we arrived at Duri Station. For me, Duri Station as a transit station is the most awkward station that i ever go. It’s that the path walk to the train platform is very absurd and confusing.

Since i forgot to took a picture of the absurdness thing in the station, so here is the illustration

So as this image might help you to imagine our absurdness, it’s that we are somehow stuck behind the line 1, which we supposed to be in the line/ the platform 3 but the train’s on the line 2 blocks our way to there. And it’s super very crowded at that time and we just started looking at each other and laughing why is this look so stupid. But then, i found out that we can find our way to go there by crossing the road at the end of the platform. I saw some people crossing the road by stepping down through tiny metal stairs and just crossing the train lane. At first i thought that we have to jump in to the platform which is maybe people will start to laughing at us, but as we found new way to get in there, Pritha just bravely ask me to run away -as fast as we can so that we didn’t miss the train- to the end of the line and just keep running (it’s kinda funny because it feels like we were in the movie with those running scenario, like we were chasing some bad guy or we were chased by a bad guy, eh?). As we finally sit inside the train, we laughed at each other that we were doing those crazy thing. It was so fun and makes us sweaty at the same time. Lol. Thanks for the adventurous trip, Prit.

As our train arrived at Sudirman Station, i ordered Uber to get in there. But the sad things is i accidentally not knowing that i used my Rp. 50.000 uber credits, while the trip was only Rp. 11.000 -crying, that i messed up with my credit-. We arrived safely at Plaza Indonesia around 11.30 am, we just heading into Benefit to get our brow done as soon as possible. We were helped by the benefit crew named Dewi. She is so kind and patient. I recommend her to handle your brows. And i ask Pritha to be the first one because i’m scare that my brows will look weird as i never had the right brows. There were so many things that been used for this brow wax session, such as the wax itself, the wax stick, wax strip, tweezers and some of benefit products. Everything’s all set after 20 minutes and it make Pritha look so gorgeous. It’s all because of the brows, right?

Brow Bar – so cute eh?


Zoom in – All you need is brows! Yes it’s true!
Around the corner. Look at those fake fireplace, creative!

Now, it’s my turn, i’m so excited yet so nervous at the first time Mba Dewi put a wax on my hand to test if the wax it’s too hot or it irritates my skins. It feels hurt at the first time but maybe it’s because i’m too nervous and shocked.

Before brow wax. Look at those up and down brows that i have


First thing first, clean up the brows first
This pic represent me well. Lol

The sad things about my brows is that my left brow and my right brow were really not in the same line or in the same shape. My right one it’s too low compared to the left one and it’s too thin -crying-. And Mba Dewi noticed that too.

Mapping the brows


So she started to mapping my brows to make sure where my brows start, arch and end in the right place (not too short or too long) and draw a line so that she can wax the brows outside the line.

Look at those tiny line in my brows
First test on the middle of the brows
Wax it all
The wax strips
Here comes the tweezers

Finished with the wax, Mba Dewi start tweezing to clean up those tiny little brow that still there. And it all done, clean it up with aloe vera gel to cooling down my skins.

After brow wax. What do you think? Now i have my own brows. Lol
Using “brow zings” (in light shade) and “brow high” as a highlighter


Still looks like an up and down brows, huh?

The next thing is the important one, because Mba Dewi start to draw my brows using brow zings in the light shade. Which is i don’t know if it suits me or it will makes me look weird. She’s using high brow to give more definitions to my brows. Finished with the brows and i’m looking at the mirror as i keep asking if it fits me or not. It’s kinda weird at the first time, i’m not confident with my new brows, the bold brows or the “brows on fleek” moment. But Pritha calmed me down and said it’s suits you and you’re looking more better with those brows. Oh, i’m so relieved to hear that, is it only to calm me down or really a compliment for me, hah?

Finished, with those eyeliner too

And the plus thing is, Mba Dewi’s did our eyeliner too and i think it’s making me more swag. Lol.

Smiley face
Scary straight face

So have you guys try those brow wax at Benefit? I really recommend you to experience those brow wax thing if you’re still in doubt or wondering which brows shape that suits you best. Not forget to mention, for me the price (Rp. 160.000)  is worth it, it’s really worth to try.

Took a lot of selfie



I love the results even after i arrived at my home, i took a lot of selfie and it turns out so good, so on fleek. Even my mom give a compliment to my eyebrows. And as i shared my pic through whatsapp group, my friends wanted to try those brow wax, too.

Our brows are on fleek, right?

That’s all for my Benefit Brow Wax review. Hope you guys enjoy it, and it will be a long time for me to learn how to reapply those brow things. I hope i can draw my brows exactly like the benefit did to my brows. Lol.

What do you guys think?



Benefit Cosmetics


Kiyowo Experience at Chung Gi Wa 청기와

Well as i’m not a food blogga i just wanna share my “kiyowo” experience as i visited Chung Gi Wa with my friends on last Monday, 5th July 2016.

Two days before, since i got nothing to do and i’m in the middle of my boredom and have to spend my money (ah the last one is just a kidding), my friend Mitha texted me that she will go to korean restaurant in Puri (which is she’s unsure it is located in Lippo Puri or Puri Indah Mall). But since she’s already make sure that the korean restaurant is in Puri Indah Mall, so i guess it’s Chung Gi Wa, as i ever go there before. At first i really am lazy that we’ll going to those kinda mall again (since my office location is kinda close to Puri -but to mention it’s not that close, that i can walk a distance to get in there-, so i usually visited Puri Indah Mall to have a lunch there). And well, i think maybe it’s a fate that i change my mind so that i am willing to go there as i stay overnight at Mitha’s place (again and again).

Just skip the blablaing and let’s go to the Chung Gi Wa thing. It’s always going to be a nice experience if i go with my uni friends, i explore something new as we go through public transportation. And yes you only have to pay goceng from Tanjung Duren – Puri Indah Mall by angkot (though it’s make you sweaty and might ruin your make up, lol).

As we arrived at Puri Indah Mall around 11 am, we (me, Mitha, Hana and her sister, Ruth and her brother Okta) headed straight to Chung Gi Wa Korean Restaurant that located in the Expansion on the 2nd floor. So we were welcome by the-i-don’t-know-who-he-is (and later on, i will just call him oppa) and i guess we were the very first customer on that morning. We started looking at those menu and order soondobu chige, japchae, samgyeopsal, boltegisal and last but not least makgeoli, which is going to be a headline of this story.

Remember when i talked about fate so that i am willing to go to Puri Indah? It’s because the “kiyowo” experience i had there, as the orders is coming to our table and the waiters is grilled the pork in front of us, i start taking some picture, like a pro food blogga i’m taking picture from every side, from the tilt away, tilt towards till the from above angle. As i’m standing to take those yummy porky picture, the-i-don’t-know-who-he-is come towards me, and i’m started to think that taking picture is prohibited in here? Oh no. But guess what, he’s asked me what kind of camera did i use and are you buying the lens separately? And even more, he wanted to see the photo results and it’s makin’ my cheek blushy in a second. As he goes away when the food is ready to be eat and as i stop taking picture, my friends start teasing me all the way. And it comes to my mind, is he interested with me or with my camera? Maybe he is interested with my camera. Lol.

My review for the samgyeopsal (pork belly) i had there was, it’s not tasted better or as the same as i ordered before. I don’t get those porky melted-juicy-feel in my mouth. It might be because it is overcooked, so it turns out too rough.

Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly)

Well the boltegisal (pork cheeky) is more juicy and it’s delicious to be eat with rice or with those korean lettuce wraps style (if-you-know-what-i-mean).

Boltegisal (Pork Cheeky)

The next thing is the banchan (which is i don’t know each name of the side dish and i’m too lazy to googling it) is well served and makes our table full of food, the only side dish i know is the kimchi one.

Seven options of Banchan (i just know those Kimchi)

Soondobu chige is a seafood and tofu stew soup, it tasted sour and slightly spicy, since i dont really like the texture of the tofu i just eat one and a half bowl (Lol). And the japchae it’s too sweet and not as tasty as it used to be (Oops).

Upper left: Japchae; Middle left: Soondobu Chige
As usual, a wefie a day will let you keep a memory. Too bad, i forgot to secretly took Oppa’s photo.
Makgeoli (Unfiltered rice wine)

As the food is going down through our stomach and as Hana eating all those banchan that left over in our table, i started to fill each bowl a Makgeoli. Wohoo!! Makgeoli is a unfiltered rice wine, made from a fermented rice yeast and water. It’s slightly bitter as i first sip it but the after taste is sweet. And yes, after a bowl my whole body feels so hot like it is burnt inside. Omo! I finished drink 2 bowl of makgeoli and it makes my whole body turn into a freakin red. As i found out that, makgeoli contains 6-8 % of alcohol and that’s why i’m getting red in the blink of eye. My friends keep laughing at me and they even took a picture of how my face and my neck turn into red. And i feel so dizzy, and i walking as fast as i can to find water.


Overall, it was a nice “kiyomi” experience i had there, well Oppa if you find me here or anywhere please let me know. Or if any one of you read this post and having a plan to go there, send him a greetings from the camera girl (Hint: He’s wearing glasess and have cute smile). Lol. (I don’t know if this is a joke or a real).


Chung Gi Wa 청기와

Mall Puri Indah Extension Lt. 2 #E202 B, Jl. Puri Agung, Kembangan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Getaway: Dufan

Yeay, finally the long holiday season of this year is coming. And guess what, i’m going to have some fun in Dufan with my sisters, Elly and Mitha.

As i still have my office leave that will expired in the end of June, i decided to take 4 days of leave. On wednesday, 29th of June we’re going to Dufan. I pack everything that i may need (such as: baseball hat, sunblock, tumbler and a clothes) and we start our trip to Dufan at 8 am with the help of Uber. Yeay! Been using uber since a months ago because it’s super duper easy and cheaper than any other apps. It only took 1 hour to Dufan, even when we arrived it’s not open yet. We pay for the entrance fee for 25.000 IDR/ each person.

On our way to Dufan with uber

We bought 3 annual pass tickets for 270.000 IDR/ each and the advantage of this annual pass is you are free to go to Dufan in one year (of course you still have to pay for the Ancol entrance fee). The disadvantage of this tickets was we have to fill the form (and i think no one will ever bring a pen to Dufan, right? Because we just wanna have some fun and not going to write anything, so what i meant is, when we have to fill the form, the numbers of pen that available is just two, while there were so many people that waiting for their turn to use those freakin pen. Ouch!). After fill up the form, we have to get in line and waiting for our turn to make the annual pass card (We’re getting our fingerprint and photos saved into our card information) so the next time you’re going to Dufan, you only have to bring your card and have a fingerprint checked to prove that it’s you, yes you, as your name stated in the card.

But i don’t think i will go back to Dufan in a short time, because for me Dufan is still the same as it was many years ago when i went there.

After spending more than 30 minutes in a queue of those annual pass card, we decided to bring back our childhood memories by playing in Turangga-rangga (a merry-go-round carousel). It was so fun like you don’t have to feel you’re old enough to play in amusement park. You are a 6 years old child, so young and free!

Turangga-rangga (A merry-go-round carousel). I ride those green horse
Elly and Mitha riding their black horses

The next round is the thrilling one: Kora-kora, a boat that will swing you up into 90 degrees. You know, when the boat is swing down, it feels like your heart is pop out from your body. That was exactly how i feel. As in the game, i always look to my sisters and asked them if they were alright. Because their face were so pale and they don’t even scream at all. I even give them an advice, if you’re scare just scream it out loud and don’t even try to keep it in your heart. Or it will make you fainted. Lol.

After a thrill one, we’re going to Ombang-ombang, a spinning plate. It’s only a short queue and it’s kinda boring for me. As the visitors in the ride keep screaming “Udahan dong mba. Udahan woy, bosen nih. Kelamaan mba”, to stop the rides away.

Ontang-anting is our next rides, where i can enjoyed the wind and the view at the same time. But too bad, after playing ontang-anting, Mitha’s not feeling well, as she’s dizzy.


So we decided to have a little break and have our lunch time. We went to Yoshinoya to fill up our energy. After Mitha’s feeling much more better, we’re going to have some cute experience as we stop by to the Hello Kitty Adventure, you can have a cute photograph with Hello Kitty in this area or just play a mini games. And it also have a mini movie of Hello Kitty adventure around the world (around 10 mins) that you can watch in their theater.

Inside the theater
Inside the theater. Turn off the lamp and voila! Its so cute

With Hello Kitty

The next ride was Panic House, a 3D virtual ride. For me, it’s not makin’ me panic at all, it was just so boring. Not worth it at all as it has the long queue. After that, i decided to go to the thrill one, Halilintar, the roller coaster ride. Yuhuu! I’m sitting alone in the rear row behind Elly and Mitha. For me, it’s not thrilling at all. The heart pop-out feeling it’s not as big as i felt in Kora-kora. As i’m always looking for the thrilling ride, i am going to have a Hysteria ride! Elly and Mitha didn’t brave enough to join with me. Haha. As it was so fun to be up in the air just in a second. But too bad, it’s only bump for one time, meanwhile i was expecting more.

A bunch of selfies while queueing

Moving on to the next one is The Ice Age: Sid’s Arctic Tours, it was so fun and make us wet at the same time. It’s worth the wait, as you have to queue for more than 30 minutes to enjoy the ride. Its a flume ride, a thrill and fun experience as you slide down in the darkness and voila! You’re wet.

After having so much fun in the ice age, we went to Istana Boneka, there were not much difference at all. Finished with all around the world doll, we went to Rumah Miring and having Alap-alap ride, the mini roller coaster. Its quite fun actually. Moving on the the next ride is: Gajah Beledug, Poci-poci and Rajawali. Its quite scary to ride in Rajawali, because you can hear the sound of the machine, that i think it’s more old than me.
Too bad Tornado wasn’t operating at the time due to operational/ services scheduled. I was hoping that i will play more thrilling ride.

Gajah Beledug

And the last but not least is Niagara-gara, the thrill ride were you get wet once it slide down. We were expecting to have a Bianglala ride as our last stop, but so sad it’s already close. As the sun goes down and the night is about to come, we end our rides and bought Original Crispy XXL Chicken from Shihlin to eat. And it tooks more than 10 minutes for us to finally enjoyed it. And the sad things is, we were so thirsty at the time and so craving for a bubble drink from Chatime, inside those Hello Kitty area, but its already close. So our only choices was a drink from the vending machine.

We went home at 5.30 pm with the help of Uber driver (again, i’m using Uber). And again, the driver thought that i’m a uni student. Am i have a babyface, that everyone’s keep thinking that i’m still a student? We arrived safely in our home at 7.30 pm. Thats all for the Dufan’s getaway, see ya in another posts.



My Bestfriend’s Wedding

As it is stated on the title, you may actually know what this post is all about. Yes! It’s my bestfriend’s wedding day and a surprisingly near-death experience along it.

13th of May, 2016

I packed up my things a day before the trip, so i bring all of my items along to office. And after the office time, i’m going to my friend’s place to stay overnight because we’re goin’ to start our trip to Cimahi, Bandung at 4 am. We had our chit chat before sleep time in a small room maybe about 5m x 3m, that consist of 5 people. Somehow we try to find our way to organize our sleep style, whether in a ikan teri style or others. But we decided to have ikan teri style. Lol.

As i waiting for my turn to have a shower, i try to work with my oversize kebaya (because i don’t have time to go to tailor to fix it up). I diligently (Pffhh) place a double-tape along way in the arm sleeve. It looks so fine as my friends laugh so hard at my brilliant idea. You know what a weirdo can do in a short time? Yes all the things to save her life.

Look at those double-tape
14th of May, 2016

Woke up at 3 am and feeling like a zombie, because we only had our 4 hours of sleeping. After some preparation, the driver’s coming and we went to Feny’s house to pick her up.

And we continue our trip to Cimahi, some of us we’re fallin to sleep as we feel so sleepy at that time. We arrived at Arlita’s house around 7 am and we do our make up. Thanks to Feny that she’s the only one who can turn each of us into a beau. Yes, the five of us.

After almost 2 hours of make up session, we’re going to church because it’s the time to witness two lovebirds become one. Congratulations Arlita & Sandy. I am so happy for both of you and wishing you all the happiness.


BCG with the groom and bride

Our wefie. From left to right: Feny, Frieska, Mitha, Vika, Me and Hana

The hand bouquet flowers (not from the wedding toss, of course it’s me stealing it from the bride’s hand)

My OOTD. And yes, thank you so much double-tape you successfully saved my arm sleeves. Lol

The holy matrimony wrap up so smoothly, so we continue to the next step, the wedding reception. It’s super duper freakin’ hot in the wedding venue, til’ my arm sleeve’s goin to crack up in time. So before my arm sleeve going back to its size, we decided to (again) congratulate the bride and the groom, taking some picture + wefie and headed back to Arlita’s house to continue our trip to Bandung, because we booked for 1 nights stay at Bandung.



We continue our journey with the helps of Handoko, Frieska’s bf. He joined us to Bandung and voila it turns out that this is his first longest trip that he drive his car outside Jakarta-Tangerang.

As our first stop we decided that we’re going to Bukit Moko, to have our sunset views. We follow the route from an app called Waze, but it turns out that it leads us to some of shortest way (even though it will lead you outside the main road). Yes! And it leads us to somewhere with an uphill road and somehow we’re very scare that the car is going to flip backwards because it is so steep.

And yes, the car keep moving backwards even the driver already handbrake his car. But thanks God, that there were three man who swiftly run into us and put a stone under the tires. We hop up from the car and decided to go to another place. And those three kind-man led us to the nearest place, Dago Pakar.



After took some pic, we decided to go back to our place in Setiabudi, it’s a home that we rent from Airbnb that surprisingly beyond our expectation. It consist of 3 bedrooms that you can share with maybe more than 10 persons (yes you can sleep at their living room too). Too bad i forget to took a pic. But as i posted this post and searched it on Airbnb, the listings is no longer available to rent.

But, before we went there, we stop by to the nearest restaurant, Thai Palace to fill up our stomach. So hungry!


As we finished the dinner, we were goin to find some beer to be sip in our home. It’s hangover time for the girls. But it turns out that the supermarket’s no longer selling beer due to it’s governor policy.

So our dream to have some beer is vanish and we change our dream to have a Martabak Nikmat Andir, the very well known martabak in Bandung, as the queue stated it self. As it is said that you always have a room for dessert. And yes, martabak is our dessert. After the long waiting, the martabak is safe and sound in our hands, so we ended up our trip today as we arrived at the house.


We tried martabak jagung keju, as it’s not too sweet and yet is so delicious. But better eat them all while it’s hot, because it won’t tasted the same if you eat it the next day.

15th May, 2016

It’s our last day in Bandung, as it is sunday and the next day after sunday is … Monday. Yes, it’s time to wake up from a dream and go back to reality. We decided to have our breakfast at home and enjoying our sunday morning with some comedy-romance movie, while waiting our friend Mitha, that not like the rest of us, she spent her sunday morning in the church.

After some indomie and movie, we packed up our things and checked out. Girls were just a girls, right? We went to Rumah Mode Factory Outlet to shop shop. While Frieska’s tryin some jeans, me and Vika decided to eat!


And we went back to Jakarta around 3 pm. And guess what, we arrived in Jakarta at 11 pm. What a long and tiring day.

Ah, thanks for wasting your time to read my story. See ya on another trip and posts!

Short Hair Sisters

On this post i want to share my latest transformation from (somehow very) long hair into short hair, along with my sister too.

I choose to cut my hair at Irwan Team Hair Design – Summarecon Mal Serpong because i’ve read some of good review from that salon, so we went there.

The first thing to do before chopping off our hair is … tarraa! to have a selfie. Yes selfie! To show our before and after look. So we went to Uniqlo to have our mirror selfie session, not even buy something but just strolling around, yeah!). You should have a mirror selfie there, because the lighting were so fine and just because there were so many mirror.

Here’s our before looks

Sancai hairstyle. Lol
Our mirror selfie in Uniqlo




Goodbye long hair. We chopped you off

And this is our after looks





Our twinsy selfie



It was so fun and a nice experience to cut off my hair there. Because my hairstylist (i forgot his name) keep asking me: “Did you already ask your Mom that you want to have a short hair?” or “Did your mom okay if you cut your long hair into this short hair?”. Like i even laughing hard inside my heart and asking to myself “Am i look like i’m a teenager? Why do i have to ask permission to my Mom to cut my hair?”. And yap he asked that kind of questions because he thought that i’m a high school teenager.

Am i really look like i’m a teenager at all? Lol. Don’t even dare to answer this on a comment box, just keep that answer in your heart.

What do you think? Which one suits me best? Long hair or short hair?

And after all, i love my short hair! Put your lipstick on and you’re good to go.





The Treasure

Treasure? What kind of treasure did i mean?

Well, The Treasure is a restaurant located in Serpong, Tangerang. Last satnight, me and my boyfriend visited The Treasure as we’re going to use our voucher that will be expired in a week.

It wasn’t that hard to find. From the outside i thought that there’s nothing special with this restaurant. But as i’m going in, there’s something with this rest. The interior design is looking quite expensive with the gold wallpaper, makes em look more classy. And when you see how they prepared their table sets, you will noticed that this is a restaurant with a fine dining concept. (Well, truthfully me and my boyfriend wear a casual style. So its kinda make us feel akward at the moment. But thankfully we’re the only customers at that time. Lol!) And so what’s the deal with the voucher that i bought before?

I bought packaged A for only 189.000 IDR that consist of 2 Italian Herbs Soups, 2 Main Course and 1 Mango Pudding Pannacotta with Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s all worth for 319.700 IDR. Let’s take a look ☺️


Italian Herb Soup

Such a big portion of appetizer. How about the taste? It’s sweet and sour at the same time, consist of corn, carrot, beans and peas. Honestly, i already feel full enough to continue to a main course.


Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Risotto


Pan Fried Salmon with Spicy Oglio Olio

The main course? Perfect! I love the mushroom taste and the textured was just perfect. I even drooling while i’m writing this.

And the last one is Mango Pudding Pannacotta with Vanilla Ice Cream as the dessert. Too bad i don’t have a proper pic of it as it got eaten by my boyfriend as fast as it come.

From 1 to 10, i give it 8. And even my boyfriend keep telling me that he want to go back there again with his friends. And even tough we didn’t dress up properly to enjoy their fine dining concept, but i love to having a dinner at there. And surely would like to go back again.

Ps. The waitress were so nice and very helpful (She even asked if we wanted to take more pic)


The Treasure

Ruko Bolsena, Blok B No.25, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Serpong Utara, Tangerang