“The Brows On Fleek” Moment – Brow Wax at Benefit

Intro (since it’s an adventurous journey, for me):

And finally the long wait is over. After a long and battling time to go or not to go there, so here’s my review for a Brow Wax at Benefit -crossfinger- yeaayyy!

I started wondering how i will looked like if i have a beauty brows (since my eyebrows is very thin and growing almost everywhere as they want to grow). It’s not that i hate my eyebrows, but i just wondering the moment that every woman has been battling that they will not leave their houses if their brows isn’t on fleek. So after more than a year i’m planning to have a brow wax at Benefit, i asked my friend – Pritha to visit Benefit and try their brow wax. And without any doubts, she’s willing to go with me. Wohoo! (And it’s a long story that i don’t wanna share or even wanna talked in any of my posts, why me and Pritha reunited again after 4 years being apart and not contacting with each others).

Friday, 8th July 2016

We begin our journey to Benefit store in Plaza Indonesia by using public transport (Yeay, i love to learn to be a Korean -that they always use public transportation in every korean drama, right?-). I started my trip using commuter line from the nearest station in my place – Tangerang Station and Pritha will joined me from the next three stations – Poris Station. It took about 30 minutes and we arrived at Duri Station. For me, Duri Station as a transit station is the most awkward station that i ever go. It’s that the path walk to the train platform is very absurd and confusing.

Since i forgot to took a picture of the absurdness thing in the station, so here is the illustration

So as this image might help you to imagine our absurdness, it’s that we are somehow stuck behind the line 1, which we supposed to be in the line/ the platform 3 but the train’s on the line 2 blocks our way to there. And it’s super very crowded at that time and we just started looking at each other and laughing why is this look so stupid. But then, i found out that we can find our way to go there by crossing the road at the end of the platform. I saw some people crossing the road by stepping down through tiny metal stairs and just crossing the train lane. At first i thought that we have to jump in to the platform which is maybe people will start to laughing at us, but as we found new way to get in there, Pritha just bravely ask me to run away -as fast as we can so that we didn’t miss the train- to the end of the line and just keep running (it’s kinda funny because it feels like we were in the movie with those running scenario, like we were chasing some bad guy or we were chased by a bad guy, eh?). As we finally sit inside the train, we laughed at each other that we were doing those crazy thing. It was so fun and makes us sweaty at the same time. Lol. Thanks for the adventurous trip, Prit.

As our train arrived at Sudirman Station, i ordered Uber to get in there. But the sad things is i accidentally not knowing that i used my Rp. 50.000 uber credits, while the trip was only Rp. 11.000 -crying, that i messed up with my credit-. We arrived safely at Plaza Indonesia around 11.30 am, we just heading into Benefit to get our brow done as soon as possible. We were helped by the benefit crew named Dewi. She is so kind and patient. I recommend her to handle your brows. And i ask Pritha to be the first one because i’m scare that my brows will look weird as i never had the right brows. There were so many things that been used for this brow wax session, such as the wax itself, the wax stick, wax strip, tweezers and some of benefit products. Everything’s all set after 20 minutes and it make Pritha look so gorgeous. It’s all because of the brows, right?

Brow Bar – so cute eh?


Zoom in – All you need is brows! Yes it’s true!
Around the corner. Look at those fake fireplace, creative!

Now, it’s my turn, i’m so excited yet so nervous at the first time Mba Dewi put a wax on my hand to test if the wax it’s too hot or it irritates my skins. It feels hurt at the first time but maybe it’s because i’m too nervous and shocked.

Before brow wax. Look at those up and down brows that i have


First thing first, clean up the brows first
This pic represent me well. Lol

The sad things about my brows is that my left brow and my right brow were really not in the same line or in the same shape. My right one it’s too low compared to the left one and it’s too thin -crying-. And Mba Dewi noticed that too.

Mapping the brows


So she started to mapping my brows to make sure where my brows start, arch and end in the right place (not too short or too long) and draw a line so that she can wax the brows outside the line.

Look at those tiny line in my brows
First test on the middle of the brows
Wax it all
The wax strips
Here comes the tweezers

Finished with the wax, Mba Dewi start tweezing to clean up those tiny little brow that still there. And it all done, clean it up with aloe vera gel to cooling down my skins.

After brow wax. What do you think? Now i have my own brows. Lol
Using “brow zings” (in light shade) and “brow high” as a highlighter


Still looks like an up and down brows, huh?

The next thing is the important one, because Mba Dewi start to draw my brows using brow zings in the light shade. Which is i don’t know if it suits me or it will makes me look weird. She’s using high brow to give more definitions to my brows. Finished with the brows and i’m looking at the mirror as i keep asking if it fits me or not. It’s kinda weird at the first time, i’m not confident with my new brows, the bold brows or the “brows on fleek” moment. But Pritha calmed me down and said it’s suits you and you’re looking more better with those brows. Oh, i’m so relieved to hear that, is it only to calm me down or really a compliment for me, hah?

Finished, with those eyeliner too

And the plus thing is, Mba Dewi’s did our eyeliner too and i think it’s making me more swag. Lol.

Smiley face
Scary straight face

So have you guys try those brow wax at Benefit? I really recommend you to experience those brow wax thing if you’re still in doubt or wondering which brows shape that suits you best. Not forget to mention, for me the price (Rp. 160.000)  is worth it, it’s really worth to try.

Took a lot of selfie



I love the results even after i arrived at my home, i took a lot of selfie and it turns out so good, so on fleek. Even my mom give a compliment to my eyebrows. And as i shared my pic through whatsapp group, my friends wanted to try those brow wax, too.

Our brows are on fleek, right?

That’s all for my Benefit Brow Wax review. Hope you guys enjoy it, and it will be a long time for me to learn how to reapply those brow things. I hope i can draw my brows exactly like the benefit did to my brows. Lol.

What do you guys think?



Benefit Cosmetics


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