Kiyowo Experience at Chung Gi Wa 청기와

Well as i’m not a food blogga i just wanna share my “kiyowo” experience as i visited Chung Gi Wa with my friends on last Monday, 5th July 2016.

Two days before, since i got nothing to do and i’m in the middle of my boredom and have to spend my money (ah the last one is just a kidding), my friend Mitha texted me that she will go to korean restaurant in Puri (which is she’s unsure it is located in Lippo Puri or Puri Indah Mall). But since she’s already make sure that the korean restaurant is in Puri Indah Mall, so i guess it’s Chung Gi Wa, as i ever go there before. At first i really am lazy that we’ll going to those kinda mall again (since my office location is kinda close to Puri -but to mention it’s not that close, that i can walk a distance to get in there-, so i usually visited Puri Indah Mall to have a lunch there). And well, i think maybe it’s a fate that i change my mind so that i am willing to go there as i stay overnight at Mitha’s place (again and again).

Just skip the blablaing and let’s go to the Chung Gi Wa thing. It’s always going to be a nice experience if i go with my uni friends, i explore something new as we go through public transportation. And yes you only have to pay goceng from Tanjung Duren – Puri Indah Mall by angkot (though it’s make you sweaty and might ruin your make up, lol).

As we arrived at Puri Indah Mall around 11 am, we (me, Mitha, Hana and her sister, Ruth and her brother Okta) headed straight to Chung Gi Wa Korean Restaurant that located in the Expansion on the 2nd floor. So we were welcome by the-i-don’t-know-who-he-is (and later on, i will just call him oppa) and i guess we were the very first customer on that morning. We started looking at those menu and order soondobu chige, japchae, samgyeopsal, boltegisal and last but not least makgeoli, which is going to be a headline of this story.

Remember when i talked about fate so that i am willing to go to Puri Indah? It’s because the “kiyowo” experience i had there, as the orders is coming to our table and the waiters is grilled the pork in front of us, i start taking some picture, like a pro food blogga i’m taking picture from every side, from the tilt away, tilt towards till the from above angle. As i’m standing to take those yummy porky picture, the-i-don’t-know-who-he-is come towards me, and i’m started to think that taking picture is prohibited in here? Oh no. But guess what, he’s asked me what kind of camera did i use and are you buying the lens separately? And even more, he wanted to see the photo results and it’s makin’ my cheek blushy in a second. As he goes away when the food is ready to be eat and as i stop taking picture, my friends start teasing me all the way. And it comes to my mind, is he interested with me or with my camera? Maybe he is interested with my camera. Lol.

My review for the samgyeopsal (pork belly) i had there was, it’s not tasted better or as the same as i ordered before. I don’t get those porky melted-juicy-feel in my mouth. It might be because it is overcooked, so it turns out too rough.

Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly)

Well the boltegisal (pork cheeky) is more juicy and it’s delicious to be eat with rice or with those korean lettuce wraps style (if-you-know-what-i-mean).

Boltegisal (Pork Cheeky)

The next thing is the banchan (which is i don’t know each name of the side dish and i’m too lazy to googling it) is well served and makes our table full of food, the only side dish i know is the kimchi one.

Seven options of Banchan (i just know those Kimchi)

Soondobu chige is a seafood and tofu stew soup, it tasted sour and slightly spicy, since i dont really like the texture of the tofu i just eat one and a half bowl (Lol). And the japchae it’s too sweet and not as tasty as it used to be (Oops).

Upper left: Japchae; Middle left: Soondobu Chige
As usual, a wefie a day will let you keep a memory. Too bad, i forgot to secretly took Oppa’s photo.
Makgeoli (Unfiltered rice wine)

As the food is going down through our stomach and as Hana eating all those banchan that left over in our table, i started to fill each bowl a Makgeoli. Wohoo!! Makgeoli is a unfiltered rice wine, made from a fermented rice yeast and water. It’s slightly bitter as i first sip it but the after taste is sweet. And yes, after a bowl my whole body feels so hot like it is burnt inside. Omo! I finished drink 2 bowl of makgeoli and it makes my whole body turn into a freakin red. As i found out that, makgeoli contains 6-8 % of alcohol and that’s why i’m getting red in the blink of eye. My friends keep laughing at me and they even took a picture of how my face and my neck turn into red. And i feel so dizzy, and i walking as fast as i can to find water.


Overall, it was a nice “kiyomi” experience i had there, well Oppa if you find me here or anywhere please let me know. Or if any one of you read this post and having a plan to go there, send him a greetings from the camera girl (Hint: He’s wearing glasess and have cute smile). Lol. (I don’t know if this is a joke or a real).


Chung Gi Wa 청기와

Mall Puri Indah Extension Lt. 2 #E202 B, Jl. Puri Agung, Kembangan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta


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