Getaway: Dufan

Yeay, finally the long holiday season of this year is coming. And guess what, i’m going to have some fun in Dufan with my sisters, Elly and Mitha.

As i still have my office leave that will expired in the end of June, i decided to take 4 days of leave. On wednesday, 29th of June we’re going to Dufan. I pack everything that i may need (such as: baseball hat, sunblock, tumbler and a clothes) and we start our trip to Dufan at 8 am with the help of Uber. Yeay! Been using uber since a months ago because it’s super duper easy and cheaper than any other apps. It only took 1 hour to Dufan, even when we arrived it’s not open yet. We pay for the entrance fee for 25.000 IDR/ each person.

On our way to Dufan with uber

We bought 3 annual pass tickets for 270.000 IDR/ each and the advantage of this annual pass is you are free to go to Dufan in one year (of course you still have to pay for the Ancol entrance fee). The disadvantage of this tickets was we have to fill the form (and i think no one will ever bring a pen to Dufan, right? Because we just wanna have some fun and not going to write anything, so what i meant is, when we have to fill the form, the numbers of pen that available is just two, while there were so many people that waiting for their turn to use those freakin pen. Ouch!). After fill up the form, we have to get in line and waiting for our turn to make the annual pass card (We’re getting our fingerprint and photos saved into our card information) so the next time you’re going to Dufan, you only have to bring your card and have a fingerprint checked to prove that it’s you, yes you, as your name stated in the card.

But i don’t think i will go back to Dufan in a short time, because for me Dufan is still the same as it was many years ago when i went there.

After spending more than 30 minutes in a queue of those annual pass card, we decided to bring back our childhood memories by playing in Turangga-rangga (a merry-go-round carousel). It was so fun like you don’t have to feel you’re old enough to play in amusement park. You are a 6 years old child, so young and free!

Turangga-rangga (A merry-go-round carousel). I ride those green horse
Elly and Mitha riding their black horses

The next round is the thrilling one: Kora-kora, a boat that will swing you up into 90 degrees. You know, when the boat is swing down, it feels like your heart is pop out from your body. That was exactly how i feel. As in the game, i always look to my sisters and asked them if they were alright. Because their face were so pale and they don’t even scream at all. I even give them an advice, if you’re scare just scream it out loud and don’t even try to keep it in your heart. Or it will make you fainted. Lol.

After a thrill one, we’re going to Ombang-ombang, a spinning plate. It’s only a short queue and it’s kinda boring for me. As the visitors in the ride keep screaming “Udahan dong mba. Udahan woy, bosen nih. Kelamaan mba”, to stop the rides away.

Ontang-anting is our next rides, where i can enjoyed the wind and the view at the same time. But too bad, after playing ontang-anting, Mitha’s not feeling well, as she’s dizzy.


So we decided to have a little break and have our lunch time. We went to Yoshinoya to fill up our energy. After Mitha’s feeling much more better, we’re going to have some cute experience as we stop by to the Hello Kitty Adventure, you can have a cute photograph with Hello Kitty in this area or just play a mini games. And it also have a mini movie of Hello Kitty adventure around the world (around 10 mins) that you can watch in their theater.

Inside the theater
Inside the theater. Turn off the lamp and voila! Its so cute

With Hello Kitty

The next ride was Panic House, a 3D virtual ride. For me, it’s not makin’ me panic at all, it was just so boring. Not worth it at all as it has the long queue. After that, i decided to go to the thrill one, Halilintar, the roller coaster ride. Yuhuu! I’m sitting alone in the rear row behind Elly and Mitha. For me, it’s not thrilling at all. The heart pop-out feeling it’s not as big as i felt in Kora-kora. As i’m always looking for the thrilling ride, i am going to have a Hysteria ride! Elly and Mitha didn’t brave enough to join with me. Haha. As it was so fun to be up in the air just in a second. But too bad, it’s only bump for one time, meanwhile i was expecting more.

A bunch of selfies while queueing

Moving on to the next one is The Ice Age: Sid’s Arctic Tours, it was so fun and make us wet at the same time. It’s worth the wait, as you have to queue for more than 30 minutes to enjoy the ride. Its a flume ride, a thrill and fun experience as you slide down in the darkness and voila! You’re wet.

After having so much fun in the ice age, we went to Istana Boneka, there were not much difference at all. Finished with all around the world doll, we went to Rumah Miring and having Alap-alap ride, the mini roller coaster. Its quite fun actually. Moving on the the next ride is: Gajah Beledug, Poci-poci and Rajawali. Its quite scary to ride in Rajawali, because you can hear the sound of the machine, that i think it’s more old than me.
Too bad Tornado wasn’t operating at the time due to operational/ services scheduled. I was hoping that i will play more thrilling ride.

Gajah Beledug

And the last but not least is Niagara-gara, the thrill ride were you get wet once it slide down. We were expecting to have a Bianglala ride as our last stop, but so sad it’s already close. As the sun goes down and the night is about to come, we end our rides and bought Original Crispy XXL Chicken from Shihlin to eat. And it tooks more than 10 minutes for us to finally enjoyed it. And the sad things is, we were so thirsty at the time and so craving for a bubble drink from Chatime, inside those Hello Kitty area, but its already close. So our only choices was a drink from the vending machine.

We went home at 5.30 pm with the help of Uber driver (again, i’m using Uber). And again, the driver thought that i’m a uni student. Am i have a babyface, that everyone’s keep thinking that i’m still a student? We arrived safely in our home at 7.30 pm. Thats all for the Dufan’s getaway, see ya in another posts.




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