My Bestfriend’s Wedding

As it is stated on the title, you may actually know what this post is all about. Yes! It’s my bestfriend’s wedding day and a surprisingly near-death experience along it.

13th of May, 2016

I packed up my things a day before the trip, so i bring all of my items along to office. And after the office time, i’m going to my friend’s place to stay overnight because we’re goin’ to start our trip to Cimahi, Bandung at 4 am. We had our chit chat before sleep time in a small room maybe about 5m x 3m, that consist of 5 people. Somehow we try to find our way to organize our sleep style, whether in a ikan teri style or others. But we decided to have ikan teri style. Lol.

As i waiting for my turn to have a shower, i try to work with my oversize kebaya (because i don’t have time to go to tailor to fix it up). I diligently (Pffhh) place a double-tape along way in the arm sleeve. It looks so fine as my friends laugh so hard at my brilliant idea. You know what a weirdo can do in a short time? Yes all the things to save her life.

Look at those double-tape
14th of May, 2016

Woke up at 3 am and feeling like a zombie, because we only had our 4 hours of sleeping. After some preparation, the driver’s coming and we went to Feny’s house to pick her up.

And we continue our trip to Cimahi, some of us we’re fallin to sleep as we feel so sleepy at that time. We arrived at Arlita’s house around 7 am and we do our make up. Thanks to Feny that she’s the only one who can turn each of us into a beau. Yes, the five of us.

After almost 2 hours of make up session, we’re going to church because it’s the time to witness two lovebirds become one. Congratulations Arlita & Sandy. I am so happy for both of you and wishing you all the happiness.


BCG with the groom and bride

Our wefie. From left to right: Feny, Frieska, Mitha, Vika, Me and Hana

The hand bouquet flowers (not from the wedding toss, of course it’s me stealing it from the bride’s hand)

My OOTD. And yes, thank you so much double-tape you successfully saved my arm sleeves. Lol

The holy matrimony wrap up so smoothly, so we continue to the next step, the wedding reception. It’s super duper freakin’ hot in the wedding venue, til’ my arm sleeve’s goin to crack up in time. So before my arm sleeve going back to its size, we decided to (again) congratulate the bride and the groom, taking some picture + wefie and headed back to Arlita’s house to continue our trip to Bandung, because we booked for 1 nights stay at Bandung.



We continue our journey with the helps of Handoko, Frieska’s bf. He joined us to Bandung and voila it turns out that this is his first longest trip that he drive his car outside Jakarta-Tangerang.

As our first stop we decided that we’re going to Bukit Moko, to have our sunset views. We follow the route from an app called Waze, but it turns out that it leads us to some of shortest way (even though it will lead you outside the main road). Yes! And it leads us to somewhere with an uphill road and somehow we’re very scare that the car is going to flip backwards because it is so steep.

And yes, the car keep moving backwards even the driver already handbrake his car. But thanks God, that there were three man who swiftly run into us and put a stone under the tires. We hop up from the car and decided to go to another place. And those three kind-man led us to the nearest place, Dago Pakar.



After took some pic, we decided to go back to our place in Setiabudi, it’s a home that we rent from Airbnb that surprisingly beyond our expectation. It consist of 3 bedrooms that you can share with maybe more than 10 persons (yes you can sleep at their living room too). Too bad i forget to took a pic. But as i posted this post and searched it on Airbnb, the listings is no longer available to rent.

But, before we went there, we stop by to the nearest restaurant, Thai Palace to fill up our stomach. So hungry!


As we finished the dinner, we were goin to find some beer to be sip in our home. It’s hangover time for the girls. But it turns out that the supermarket’s no longer selling beer due to it’s governor policy.

So our dream to have some beer is vanish and we change our dream to have a Martabak Nikmat Andir, the very well known martabak in Bandung, as the queue stated it self. As it is said that you always have a room for dessert. And yes, martabak is our dessert. After the long waiting, the martabak is safe and sound in our hands, so we ended up our trip today as we arrived at the house.


We tried martabak jagung keju, as it’s not too sweet and yet is so delicious. But better eat them all while it’s hot, because it won’t tasted the same if you eat it the next day.

15th May, 2016

It’s our last day in Bandung, as it is sunday and the next day after sunday is … Monday. Yes, it’s time to wake up from a dream and go back to reality. We decided to have our breakfast at home and enjoying our sunday morning with some comedy-romance movie, while waiting our friend Mitha, that not like the rest of us, she spent her sunday morning in the church.

After some indomie and movie, we packed up our things and checked out. Girls were just a girls, right? We went to Rumah Mode Factory Outlet to shop shop. While Frieska’s tryin some jeans, me and Vika decided to eat!


And we went back to Jakarta around 3 pm. And guess what, we arrived in Jakarta at 11 pm. What a long and tiring day.

Ah, thanks for wasting your time to read my story. See ya on another trip and posts!


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