Short Hair Sisters

On this post i want to share my latest transformation from (somehow very) long hair into short hair, along with my sister too.

I choose to cut my hair at Irwan Team Hair Design – Summarecon Mal Serpong because i’ve read some of good review from that salon, so we went there.

The first thing to do before chopping off our hair is … tarraa! to have a selfie. Yes selfie! To show our before and after look. So we went to Uniqlo to have our mirror selfie session, not even buy something but just strolling around, yeah!). You should have a mirror selfie there, because the lighting were so fine and just because there were so many mirror.

Here’s our before looks

Sancai hairstyle. Lol
Our mirror selfie in Uniqlo




Goodbye long hair. We chopped you off

And this is our after looks





Our twinsy selfie



It was so fun and a nice experience to cut off my hair there. Because my hairstylist (i forgot his name) keep asking me: “Did you already ask your Mom that you want to have a short hair?” or “Did your mom okay if you cut your long hair into this short hair?”. Like i even laughing hard inside my heart and asking to myself “Am i look like i’m a teenager? Why do i have to ask permission to my Mom to cut my hair?”. And yap he asked that kind of questions because he thought that i’m a high school teenager.

Am i really look like i’m a teenager at all? Lol. Don’t even dare to answer this on a comment box, just keep that answer in your heart.

What do you think? Which one suits me best? Long hair or short hair?

And after all, i love my short hair! Put your lipstick on and you’re good to go.






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